Björn Wagner (drums)

Ansgar Pahl (bass & vocals)

Björn Hampe (guitars)

Officum was founded in February 1994 in Kiel, Germany by Bjoern Hampe (guitars), Ansgar Pahl (bass), Sascha Schwarz (vocals) and Bjoern Wagner (drums). Their basic concept was to play straight metal music. Due to the fact that the songs were not sophisticated enough yet, the band decided not to present them to the public.

1997 was a difficult year for the band. They lost their training room, and Sascha Schwarz left the group. After a painful break Ansgar replaced him as a singer. The band has been performing as a trio ever since. Shortly after the group had found a new room the band's first recording was made in a small studio, but the result did not fulfil the expectations.

In the beginning, the first singer Sascha inspired the band to play mainly death and doom metal. Meanwhile, the band has developed a different style, among other things influenced by the singer's black metal like vocals, better equipment and a better musical understanding. They play atmospheric, slow, fast, groovy, aggressive, intense metal inspired music. One of Officum's trademarks is the distorted bass guitar. Also important, guitar and bass guitar alternately determine rhythm and melody, which creates the very special atmosphere in their music.

Their debut CD "Like Gods" was recorded in 2001, partly in a studio in Hamburg and partly with own equipment, and was presented to the public in context of a CD release party with a live gig at the Alte Meierei in Kiel on Dec. 8, 2001. The album contains 9 tracks and has a total playing time of about 50 minutes. Due to the fact that the CD is sold out it can't be ordered any more, but you can download it for personal purposes on the band's homepage free of charge under:

Unfortunately, the band has had no further gigs since their CD was released. An illness has made it impossible for the drummer to perform. Nevertheless the band decided to stay together. Björn Hampe and Ansgar have been composing new songs, working with a drum computer, while Björn Wagner is recovering from his illness. They still hope to record the new album again with Björn at the drums. Because after all, a drum computer can never transmit Officum's true spirit! The album's title is "Officum - Icestorm", and it's first estimated release date was summer of 2006.
Caused by unfortunate circumstances after the first recording session the band was forced to take another break. In December 2007 the recordings will continue and the planed release will now be in late summer 2008.

The new songs will be harder and more direct, but surely not simpler. Fans can expect a complex, atmospheric sound with groovy melodies and fine details, but it's definitely dark and heavy asskicking metal. For the first time there will be two guitar lines, both played by Björn Hampe on the CD. Be prepared!

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