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Officum 2001 debut album 'like gods'

Full CD Download incl. cover litograph [68 MB]

I - Silence [5,7 MB]
II - My Darkest Desires [8,6 MB]
III - Another's Life [8,4 MB]
IV - Temple Of My Demon [10,3 MB]
V - Immortal [5,6 MB]
VI - At The Brink Of Horizon [6,5 MB]
VII - Like Gods [6,4 MB]
VIII - A New Land [7,7 MB]
IX - End Of Time (Outro) [9,3 MB]

all content's copyright remains at the band officum, but you are free to hear, play or copy it for friends.

From 'Like Gods'

My Darkest Desires
Another's Life
Temple Of My Demon
At The Brink Of Horizon
Like Gods
A New Land

From 'Icestorm'

Supersonic Fire

all lyrics's copyright remains at the band officum.

Band History (12/2007)

German Version (PDF)
English Version (PDF)

Officum Wallpaper Sets

Set I (1024x768, 1280x1024, 1680x1050)
Set II (1024x768, 1280x900, 1600x1200)
Set III (1024x512, 1280x640, 1680x840)

Recording Sessions

some photos from the recordings of "Like Gods" in may 2001
some photos from the first part of the recordings of "Icestorm" in 2006

Live in Action

live at the cd-release-party of "Like Gods"
at the "Alte Meierei" in Kiel in december 2001